Who needs colors at sunset?
Hazy evenings, layers of mountains and slightly fading pastel colors can often look much better than a burning sky, at least in my eyes.

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Canon EOS R @ 178 mm | 1/8 sec | f/11
Dimensions: 6720x4480 px

Fading on Foundation


The Pyramid on Foundation

The Pyramid

I am pretty sure that nobody else has seen this pyramid like mountain that was peeking up from the clouds on this morning in November 2020.

The sunrise was quite nice and colorful that morning, but I had to share the Dobratsch mountain peak with lots of people. So I haven't been up there since, and so this photo, taken towards the Karawanks mountain range in the south, is one of the few usable photos I have made that day.

Canon EOS R @ 105 mm | 10 seconds | f/13
Dimensions: 6462x4308 px


Little Falls - Big Image

First time after months back at my favorite Waterfalls spot in Slovenia. I loved the little cascades in this quite tiny waterfall.

Date: June 21, 2021
Dimensions 6720x4480 px

Little Falls - Big Image on Foundation


Sea of Clouds on Foundation

Sea of Clouds

Blue hour was about to end colorful and the valley below me was a sea of clouds. I've had this view in November 2020 during a hike from Verditz to the Mirnock Mountain in Carinthia, Austria.

Date: November 14, 2020
Image Dimensions: 6720x4480 px

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