Of all the ice photos I shot this Winter I somehow like the photo above most. In my eyes the white water and white or transparent ice makes a very nice contrast to the orange rock and the green moss on the right side.

The small waterfall is surrounded by fresh ice, partly clear as glass. Soon the water will have a transparent cover, made from ice.

Clear as glass - Ice around the waterfall

Why did I title this post "Intimate Icy Landscape"?

Well, the "Icy" part should be clear, but what is an "Intimate Landscape" photo? In my researches I have found, that the American photographer Eliot Porter might have created this term: Eliot Porter had the first exhibit of colour photography at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1979 – an exhibit titled Intimate Landscapes.
I would say, an intimate landscape photo is a part of a bigger landscape scene, showing smaller details, but different from close-up images or macros. It's somewhere between the grand vista landscape photo and a close-up or macro of a flower.

Icicles inside a little hollow
Icicles hanging from the Rock
Ice envelops the dead branch
Ice lying over the dead wood like a blanket

I have taken these photos on January 10, 2021. About one week later, when I have been in this area again, which is near where I live, I have taken more, but a little bit different ice photos. If I find some time during next week, I want to edit these photos and make one more Intimate Icy Landscape post ... before the Spring is here.

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